Successful Ph.D. Defense!

This past Friday was a huge milestone for me – I successfully defended my Ph.D. work! It’s been a long five year journey but I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish with the help of many friends and collaborators, both in the Martinez Group and externally! My goal has always been to […]

Falling Walls Lab 2019

I was lucky enough to compete in the Falling Walls Lab 2019 finals this past week in Berlin, Germany! Falling Walls Lab is an international scientific innovation competition where one has two slides and 3 minutes to pitch their research (and answer questions!) to a jury and audience. There are two rounds: the first was […]

Open Molecular Science Cloud Workshop at EUCO-CTC 2019

Throughout the years, I’ve given many posters and had many engaging conversations at chemistry conferences. Today marks another landmark for me as I gave my first conference talk as a part of the Open Molecular Science Cloud workshop at the 12th European Conference on Computational and Theoretical Chemistry (EUCO-CTC 2019)! My journey to EUCO-CTC 2019 […]

Stairway to Heme

Nowadays, it’s even easier to get started with machine learning and art. The Martinez Group recently had an internal competition using the neural_style package and a pre-trained VGG net to transfer art styles onto pictures of molecules we are studying. I chose this image of myoglobin I generated for a benchmark paper I am writing […]

Website Migrated to WordPress

My previous site was a foray into DIY web-hosting using GitHub Pages in combination with Jekyll, originally inspired by this post. It was a great first step: got me playing with Ruby & HTML again and creating some easy DNS records to route my domain to GitHub Pages. However, I’m happy with the decision […]