Geriatric Psychopharmacology in Acute Settings

Seritan, A.L.; Seritan, S.

Curr. Psychopharmacol., 2015, 4(2), 112-118.

DOI: 10.2174/221155600402160201125256


Geriatric psychopharmacology is the treatment of mental illness in the elderly through the use of medication. While drugs can be extremely beneficial at controlling disorders or their symptoms, managing effective treatments can be difficult in older patients due to their age. Geriatric patients tend to take more medications and have a decreased ability to resist side effects, increasing the chances for harmful and potentially dangerous drug-drug interactions. This paper provides a set of guidelines and several case studies for providing proper medication management for geriatric patients.

My Contributions

I performed a literature search and compiled Table 2, which summarized a variety of antipsychotic medications and their effects in psychiatric patients, as well as creating the graphical abstract.

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